Spring has sprung.

Well, here we go!

This blog is my new pet project and i hope that it will soon be bustling full of useful fit and fun tips for you.

My goal is to consistently review new and old group fitness classes, fit products and supplements, add recipes and workouts and general fit tips and ideas! If there’s anything you’re dying to try but you need a guinea pig to sweat it out first, fire away. I’m always game for a new challenge.

On this months Class Agenda:

GIT FIT An interval training class offered at a pilates gym in the mission. Workouts described as high intensity involving props such as the bosu, TRX, kettle bells etc. Class sizes kept small to insure proper technique and form for all students. http://thecornerstudiosf.com/interval-training/

Aerial Conditioning Offered at the Circus Center training center, I’ve been excited about this one for awhile, but with small class sizes and quite the demand it’s been a chore to reserve a spot!  http://circuscenter.org/unlimited/

Turbo Kick Dreading this one- although i grew up dancing nothing chaps my gym loving hide quite like intense choreography while working out. But those chicks are leaving dripping in sweat and SMILING, barf. http://www.turbokick.com/index.php?content=what_is_tk

Sports Conditioning Always my favorites, brings out the high school athlete in me!  http://www.kravmaga-sf.com/krav/?p=163

Barre I’ll be completely transparent here and admit that i am a barre instructor, that being said i will try out new studios offering the dance-inspired toning workout and really give you the scoop on studios, styles and trainers.

Burn (pilates + weights + cardio) I walk by these studios often and have heard very good things about their class structure and results can’t wait to try out the hybrid training studio. http://www.burnsf.com/

Yoga San Francisco loves yoga and i do too. i’ll highlight a different class every month from the hot (bikram) to the weird (aerial!)


Here it goes.

My life is wildly unconventional, the things i love to do are in no way complimentary of eachother, but i do them anyway. I will not deny one great love for another, i force them to work together, FORCE THEM. Even if that means bartending until 3am just to get up at 5am and CrosSFit my buns off then come home and obsessively bake 75 mini-cupcakes for a friends birthday.

I cannot be the only baking enthusiast, cocktail geek and gym addict around, i just can’t!

Here’s to me (and you) sharing recipes, exercise programs,  and trying to find the balance in this crazy awesome city!